Identity Theft is a serious crime that causes millions of Americans unnecessary inconvenience and hardship. Below, you can choose from a list of topics offering important information and resources that will help educate and protect you against this growing criminal threat.

Security Spotlight

In Security Spotlight our customers can find information about current potential security situations as well as learn more about broader security-related topics to better protect themselves both on- and offline.

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Fraud Prevention: Credit and Debit Cards

First Hawaiian Bank has safeguards in place to help prevent your credit and debit cards from being misused by others. Learn more about what we are doing to secure your accounts, as well as steps you can take to protect your finances.

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Security Tips for Your Mobile Device

We use our mobile devices to communicate, capture memories, listen to music, shop and manage our finances. With so much of our lives wrapped up in these devices—including sensitive personal and professional information—mobile security has never been more important. These are our best tips for protecting your mobile device and yourself.

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Fraud Prevention: How to Protect Your Financial Information

Learn more about general security precautions, email and online security and how to help keep your computer and online experience safe.

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Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

First Hawaiian Bank takes Identity Theft very seriously. Learn more about what we are doing to help protect you and your personal information.

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Email, Phone and Texting Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Phishing

Get information regarding a growing computer scam called "Phishing" that attempts to trick you into unknowingly sharing your personal financial information. Don't take the bait!

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Identity Theft: What to Do If You're A Victim

Learn essential steps to take if you become a victim of Identity Theft.

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