Employee Benefit Plans

Establish a competitive advantage with employee benefit plans.

Control your cost of labor the smart way

An Employee Benefits Plan plays an integral role in the "total compensation" paid to an employee—which includes direct cash compensation (regular salary or wages and bonuses) and employee benefits (the large and ever-increasing non-cash portion of total compensation).

We can help you by:

  • Designing a comprehensive benefits program that integrates your benefits with the company's business strategy, compensation philosophy, and human resource needs while also meeting the needs of your employees
  • Finding more effective ways to control health care costs—those currently in use and those at the leading edge

  • Selecting the appropriate retirement plan
  • Designing, implementing, and monitoring a company retirement plan that fits your needs

  • Communicating your employee benefits effectively, which helps you retain your competitive position in the labor market

Choose employee benefits that work for you

  • Medical Insurance: Provide medical coverage for your employees and their families at competitive rates
  • Group Term Insurance: Offers employees more affordable insurance rates while providing a benefit to beneficiaries should the insured employee die during the term
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Helps employees protect their retirement plans, gives them a choice about their health care, and eases the financial and emotional burden on their families
  • Temporary Disability Insurance: Provides employees short-term coverage during the initial weeks of a disabling accident or illness, and adds peace of mind and support for recovery
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance: Provides employees a steady stream of income while they are unable to work during an extended period due to of a disabling illness or accident
  • Cafeteria Plans: Offers pre-tax flexibility in health benefits by providing employees with cost effective supplemental insurance they need while maximizing the dollars committed by the employer

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