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FAQ - Business Tax

Q: What is QuickTax?

With QuickTax, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork by paying your business taxes with your touchtone phone or using your PCs Internet connection. You'll no longer need to prepare tax deposit coupons, write checks or make extra trips to the bank. QuickTax also conforms to Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) requirements.

Q: What are the benefits for using QuickTax?

QuickTax offers the following benefits:

  • Fast - Electronic payment eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork.
  • Easy - Simply log in to our secure Internet website or call the toll-free number during normal business hours and follow the prompts.
  • Safe - Both an access code and a personal identification number are required to make payments.
  • Efficient - Specify your tax code, payment amount and payroll check date, and we'll calculate your tax due date. Then, we'll deduct the funds from your account and make your tax payments for you.
  • Accurate - Double check your entries for accuracy to avoid penalties for errors on your tax payments.
  • Verifiable - For Internet payments, a deposit receipt is available to you immediately. For phone payments, one will be mailed or faxed to you the next business day.
Q: Why should I use QuickTax?

You should use QuickTax for the following reasons:

  • Important Tax Information
    • Current Federal and State of Hawaii mandates now require most businesses to pay their taxes electronically.
  • Federal Mandate:
  • The IRS will no longer be accepting Federal Tax payments by paper coupons and will subsequently require an electronic payment.
  • Businesses with an annual tax liability of at least $100,000 for General Excise, State Withholding, Transient Accommodations or Rental Motor Vehicle and Tour Vehicle Surcharge taxes must pay those taxes electronically.
  • If your business falls into one of the federal or State of Hawaii mandates that require electronic payment of taxes, QuickTax electronic payment service can help.
  • State of Hawaii Mandate:
  • Meet Both Mandates with QuickTax
Q: I am currently enrolled for QuickTax. How do I log in?

Existing QuickTax customers may log on to their accounts here by using their current access code and PIN number.

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