Business Banking FAQs

General Business Credit Card Questions

    As soon as you realize that your card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately through our 24 hour customer service line at (808) 847-4444 on Oahu, or toll free at 1 (800) 342-2778. A replacement card will be mailed to you.

      Yes. You may pay online with FHB Online & Mobile Banking or set up Automatic Payment from your First Hawaiian Bank Business Checking account.

        Payments may be dropped off at any First Hawaiian Bank branch or mailed to the following address:

        First Hawaiian Bank
        P.O. Box 29450
        Honolulu, Hawaii 96820-1850

          If you are approved, card(s) will be mailed 7 to 10 business days after your application has been processed. Additional cards will be mailed in separate envelopes.

            You may apply via:

            • The internet at
            • Call 643-CARD (Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands may call 1-800-215-4149)
            • Any First Hawaiian Bank Branch.

            United[[®]] World Elite Business Credit Card

              You may pay your balance in full or pay the minimum payment listed on your monthly statement.

                Currently, there is no limit to the amount of Miles you can earn. This may change subject to the rules of United's MileagePlus[[®]] program. For more information, please visit United's website at

                Priority Rewards Business Credit Card[[SM]]

                  You can redeem your CashPoints for airline tickets by contacting our Redemption Center by phone or online. Search for flights online by logging into your account at and click the Book Travel link. You are free to book flights with any airline, subject to availability. If the ticket price exceeds your available CashPoints, you may charge the balance to your Priority Rewards or other valid credit card.

                    You'll receive CashPoints for qualifying purchases. CashPoints can be redeemed for your choice of rewards like gift cards, airline tickets, hotel and rental car reservations, activities, merchandise, and even cash back! Use your card for all of your business purchases and watch your CashPoints add up!

                      The Priority Rewards Business MasterCard[[®]] earns accounts one (1) CashPoint[[SM]] for every one dollar ($1) of net purchases. Cash advances and balance transfers do not qualify to earn CashPoints. CashPoint earnings can be set up to be awarded to the individual cardholder or consolidated at the company level.

                      Credit Card Processing

                        First Hawaiian Bank is the only local credit card processor in Hawaii. With First Hawaiian Bank your credit card processor and your bank are one in the same. No more being bounced around between a processor and a bank trying to figure out where or what the problem is. A single call to First Hawaiian Bank allows for easier troubleshooting and faster servicing should the need arise.

                          First Hawaiian Bank offers the following options for credit card acceptance:

                          • Terminals
                            • This is an efficient method of obtaining authorization for MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Network cards. Each transaction is automatically recorded and kept on file which helps reduce credit card abuse and other types of credit card fraud. The terminal can also provide check authorizations just by entering the customer's driver's license number or any credit card number.
                          • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems 
                            • Payment processing may be integrated into your FHB compatible and PCI compliant POS system.
                          • Mobile Processing
                            • Process payments from your own compatible smart device or from a wireless terminal.
                          • PC Processing
                            • Process your customers credit card payments by accessing your web portal from your Windows based, internet connected computer.
                          • eCommerce
                            • Merchants who conduct their business primarily online have the option to integrate a payment gateway to be able to accept credit card payment from their customers.
                          • Touch-Tone Phone
                            • Access our fully computerized system to authorize a credit card transaction by simply entering the sales information on your touch-tone phone. No more waiting for operator assistance and, best of all, this service is free!
                            • In the event that you do need live assistance, an operator is available to verify and authorize credit card transactions.
                          • Operator-Assisted Authorization
                            • In the event that you do live assistance, an operator is available to verify and authorize credit card transactions.

                            First Hawaiian Bank offers the following benefits for credit card servicing:

                            • Credit card batches closed by 7 p.m. will be available by 9 a.m. next business day.
                            • On-site installation, training and trouble shooting.
                            • Local availability of replacement equipment.
                            • Paper draft processing (if need arises).
                            • Supplies free of charge.
                            • Personal assistance simply by calling a local phone number; no need to consider different time zones to get help when you need it.
                            • Local handling of chargeback requests.
                              • Faster Access to Funds
                                • No more waiting for checks to clear, providing better cash management.
                              • Increased Sales
                              • More than 300 million people use credit cards with 20% of all sales a result of impulse buying.
                              • A credit card sale is virtually guaranteed without the risk of bad checks or cash mishandling.Credit card companies spend millions to advertise their services and provide FREE promotional aids and displays.
                              • Credit card customers have considerable purchasing power and have been prescreened for credit worthiness.
                              • First Hawaiian Bank provides a monthly statement itemizing all your MasterCard, VISA, American Express OptBlue® and Discover Network card transactions.
                              • Reduced Losses
                              • Substantial Advertising and Promotional Support
                              • Large Dollar Sales
                              • Record Keeping

                              Check guarantee

                                When a customer writes a check at your business, ExpressCheck will print an authorization slip for the customer to sign, authorizing you to convert the customer's paper check into an electronic check. This allows you to submit an electronic entry to the customer's bank account instead of depositing the paper check. The cashier will return the paper check to the customer, along with a signed copy of the customer's authorization slip.

                                  ExpressCheck provides advantages to both you and your customers:

                                  Merchant Benefit Customer Benefit
                                  No Returned Checks: SPS  Guarantees (up to a pre-determined limit) all electronic checks Increased Security: No paper check to lose,  misplace, or copy.
                                  No More Paper Checks: No more depositing or storage costs! Informative: Customer’s statements will show your merchant name, date, and amount of transaction
                                  Improved Cash Flow: Fund from ExpressChecks will be deposited into your account within two business days.  
                                  No Return Item Fees  


                                    A few of the more popular benefits of payroll servicing with First Hawaiian Bank, in conjunction with ADP and Ceridian Employer Services, include:

                                    • Compliance Tools
                                    • Direct Deposit
                                    • Benefits Administration
                                    • Tax Services Management
                                    • Time and Attendance Solutions
                                    • Confidentiality

                                      First Hawaiian Bank has partnered with Ceridian Employer Services and ADP to provide you with a whole spectrum of payroll services designed to help your business prosper. Our partners can help with more than just getting your employees paid; they can ensure the tax authorities have the right compensation and tax information at the right time.

                                      Payroll services can file and pay your payroll taxes for you, and prepare valuable extra personnel reports, such as job cost accounting and labor distribution. Varying pay rates, bonuses, commissions, special payments, benefits and other deductions can also be accommodated easily.

                                      Payroll services are available to all size businesses, from single-employee companies to the largest of corporations.

                                      Business Tax

                                        You should use QuickTax for the following reasons:

                                        • Current Federal and State of Hawaii mandates now require most businesses to pay their taxes electronically.
                                        • The IRS will no longer be accepting Federal Tax payments by paper coupons and will subsequently require an electronic payment.

                                          QuickTax offers the following benefits:

                                          • Fast - Electronic payment eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork.
                                          • Easy - Simply log in to our secure Internet website or call the toll-free number during normal business hours and follow the prompts.
                                          • Safe - Both an access code and a personal identification number are required to make payments.
                                          • Efficient - Specify your tax code, payment amount and payroll check date, and we'll calculate your tax due date. Then, we'll deduct the funds from your account and make your tax payments for you.
                                          • Accurate - Double check your entries for accuracy to avoid penalties for errors on your tax payments.
                                          • Verifiable - For Internet payments, a deposit receipt is available to you immediately. For phone payments, one will be mailed or faxed to you the next business day.
                                          • Control - Keep control of the timing and amount of your tax payments.

                                            With QuickTax, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork by paying your business taxes with your touchtone phone or using your PCs Internet connection. You'll no longer need to prepare tax deposit coupons, write checks or make extra trips to the bank. QuickTax also conforms to Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) requirements.

                                            Gift Card Services

                                              • Increase your revenues
                                              • Gift cards generate first time purchases while encouraging store loyalty since cards can be reloaded with additional value right in your own store.
                                              • Paper gift certificates allow customers to receive their remaining balance in cash. With gift cards, the entire amount must be redeemed otherwise unused dollars remain on the card for future purchases. Gift cards are the ultimate way to build loyalty with your customers because the customer has to come into the store to use the card.
                                              • Card balances can be tracked online through the Internet. Additionally, you will receive a monthly statement that shows card issuance and card redemption activity.
                                              • With today's sophisticated technologies, a plastic card is more difficult to reproduce than paper certificates, thereby reducing the potential for fraud.
                                              • From a single company logo to a special occasion theme, our team can assist you in creating the look you want.
                                              • Use your First Hawaiian Bank credit card terminal to activate cards for various denominations, such as $5, $10, $20, $50 or even more.
                                              • Customers can purchase your card for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or holidays. Or, your company can use it as a way to thank your best customers and employees.
                                              • Higher quantities of gift cards purchased result in a lower cost per card.
                                              • Ensure future customer transactions
                                              • Monitor account activity via the Internet or monthly statements
                                              • Reduce Potential Fraud
                                              • Create your own card design
                                              • Easy to activate
                                              • Great for any occasion

                                                Let us show you the possibilities of how you can increase your store's profitability and your number of loyal customers with First Hawaiian Bank's Gift Card service. Provided together with our processing partners, the plastic, magnetic-striped cards are a great way to advertise your company, while making it convenient for your customers to make purchases year-round.

                                                Cash Management

                                                  • ACH Payments - Allows you to pay vendors, employees, or taxes electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) utilized by banks. Using this method, most payees receive their payments in 2-days or less and reduces the processing of paper items and is less costly than mailing checks.
                                                  • Wire Transfer Service - Wire transfers are the fastest way to send funds both domestically and internationally. Wire transfers offer same day funds availability in most cases. Wires transfers can sent in US Dollars or Foreign Currencies using our FHB Online Business Center service or from our Branches.

                                                  For more information, please call Business Services Sales at (808) 844-3151.

                                                    ACH Payments - Allows you to pay vendors, employees, or taxes electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) utilized by banks. Using this method, most payees receive their payments in 2-days or less and reduces the processing of paper items and is less costly than mailing checks.Wire Transfer Service - Wire transfers are the fastest way to send funds both domestically and internationally. Wire transfers offer same day funds availability in most cases. Wires transfers can sent in US Dollars or Foreign Currencies using our FHB Online Business Center service or from our Branches.For more information, please call Business Services Sales at (808) 844-3151.

                                                      • Concentration
                                                        • At the close of each banking day, excess funds in your operating accounts are consolidated automatically into a single master account. Subsidiary accounts are left with zero balances. This allows you to save time in determining your daily cash position.
                                                      • Deposit Identification
                                                      • Provides a single depository account but allows deposits to be identified by store, department, or purpose, as determined by you. The same identifying number (location ID) also earmarks returned checks and change fund orders, allowing you to allocate debits to the proper origin. Our Account Reconciliation Package provides totals by location and statement cycle.
                                                      • With this service, you provide us with an electronic file to debit your customers' accounts and credit your own on a specified settlement date. You may use the same file to update your receivable system. This is a very efficient and low-cost service (subject to credit approval).
                                                      • Gives you prompt notification of incoming electronic deposits to your accounts for federal contracts, plus other payments with addenda information.
                                                      • The bank handles all incoming payments mailed by your customers, processes them, deposits the checks in your account, and forwards the input to you. This reduces float time on payments and minimizes clerical work. In the case of an Automated Lockbox, the bank also transmits the processed item file, which allows you to electronically update your receivables.
                                                      • Allows you to move large amounts from accounts at another bank to your account at First Hawaiian Bank for immediate credit.
                                                      • Pre-Authorized Payment Service
                                                      • Quickpay
                                                      • Remittance Processing (Lockbox)

                                                      3D Secure

                                                        Mastercard 3D Secure 2.0 is an additional layer of authentication for online card transactions that aims to reduce fraud and enhance security. Not all transactions or purchases will require 3D Secure authentication; it depends on the merchant and/or type of purchase. 

                                                        3D Secure may require a two-factor authentication to protect you from unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. The two-factor authentication will ask if you would like a passcode sent to your email or mobile phone and have you enter in the passcode. If you are able to authenticate your purchase using this method, the charge will go through. Otherwise, the transaction will be declined.

                                                          A 3D Secure authentication error may be due to a mistyped card number or an incorrect expiration date. You may need to reattempt the purchase to ensure all information needed to complete the transaction is correct. Also, if no authentication message was received, please double check that your mobile phone number and email address is correct on file with First Hawaiian Bank.

                                                            All of our First Hawaiian Bank consumer and small business debit and credit cardholders are automatically enrolled in Mastercard 3D Secure 2.0 as a security measure for our customers. There is no option to opt out. 

                                                            At this time, 3D Secure 2.0 is not enabled for customers with a Commercial or Small Business roll up credit card.

                                                            Have more questions?

                                                            Or call customer service at (808) 844-4444.