FAQ - Credit Card Processing

Q: Why would I want to use credit card servicing?
  • Faster Access to Funds
    • No more waiting for checks to clear, providing better cash management.
  • Increased Sales
  • More than 300 million people use credit cards with 20% of all sales a result of impulse buying.
  • A credit card sale is virtually guaranteed without the risk of bad checks or cash mishandling.
  • Credit card companies spend millions to advertise their services and provide FREE promotional aids and displays.
  • Credit card customers have considerable purchasing power and have been prescreened for credit worthiness.
  • First Hawaiian Bank provides a monthly statement itemizing all your MasterCard, VISA, American Express OptBlue® and Discover Network card transactions.
  • Reduced Losses
  • Substantial Advertising and Promotional Support
  • Large Dollar Sales
  • Record Keeping
Q: What does your credit card processing service provide?

First Hawaiian Bank offers the following benefits for credit card servicing: 

  • Credit card batches closed by 7 p.m. will be available by 9 a.m. next business day.
  • On-site installation, training and trouble shooting.
  • Local availability of replacement equipment.
  • Paper draft processing (if need arises).
  • Supplies free of charge.
  • Personal assistance simply by calling a local phone number; no need to consider different time zones to get help when you need it.
  • Local handling of chargeback requests.
Q: What kind of options do you have for accepting credit card authorizations?

First Hawaiian Bank offers the following options for credit card acceptance: 

  • Terminals
    • This is an efficient method of obtaining authorization for MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Network cards. Each transaction is automatically recorded and kept on file which helps reduce credit card abuse and other types of credit card fraud. The terminal can also provide check authorizations just by entering the customer's driver's license number or any credit card number.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
    • Payment processing may be integrated into your FHB compatible and PCI compliant POS system.
  • Mobile Processing
    • Process payments from your own compatible smart device or from a wireless terminal.
  • PC Processing
    • Process your customers credit card payments by accessing your web portal from your Windows based, internet connected computer.
  • eCommerce
    • Merchants who conduct their business primarily online have the option to integrate a payment gateway to be able to accept credit card payment from their customers.
  • Touch-Tone Telephone
    • Access our fully computerized system to authorize a credit card transaction by simply entering the sales information on your touch-tone phone. No more waiting for operator assistance and, best of all, this service is free!
    • In the event that you do need live assistance, an operator is available to verify and authorize credit card transactions.
  • Operator-Assisted Authorization
    • In the event that you do live assistance, an operator is available to verify and authorize credit card transactions.
Q: Who do I call if I have a merchant services issue?

First Hawaiian Bank is the only local credit card processor in Hawaii. With First Hawaiian Bank your credit card processor and your bank are one in the same. No more being bounced around between a processor and a bank trying to figure out where or what the problem is. A single call to First Hawaiian Bank allows for easier troubleshooting and faster servicing should the need arise.


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