Mobile Deposit

Q: What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit allows you to make deposits to your eligible FHB checking account using the FHB Mobile Banking App for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Simply submit photos of the front and back of your endorsed checks and your deposit will be securely and conveniently deposited to your account-- no trip to a branch required.

Q: Are there fees for using Mobile Deposit?

There are no fees to use Mobile Deposit. However, there may be charges associated with data usage on your phone. Check with your wireless phone carrier for more information.

Q: Who is eligible to use Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is available for eligible checking accounts.

Q: Which mobile devices are supported for Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with a rear facing camera and autofocus through the downloadable application. You will need to provide the app with access to your camera. The downloadable application is available in the Apple App Store (iPhone/iPad) or the Google Play Store (Android phones/tablets). If you are unsure if your device supports mobile deposit, please call customer service at 643-4343 or 1-888-643-4343 (from Guam, CNMI and the Continental US) for assistance.

Q: How do I make a mobile deposit?

In order to use Mobile Deposit, you will need to log into the Mobile Banking application on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone/tablet and do the following:

  • In navigation menu, select “Mobile Deposit” (iPhone/Android) or select the “Deposit” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app (iPad).
  • Snap a picture of your check (front and back), don't forget to endorse the back and write "Mobile Deposit Account #xx-xxxxxx".
  • Enter the amount and select the account to deposit to.
Q: Are my transactions secure?

Yes, the Mobile Banking service (which includes Mobile Deposit) utilizes best practices from FHB Online, such as HTTPS, 128-bit SSL encryption, strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. In addition, no account or check data is stored on your phone.

Q: What types of checks can I deposit?

Please refer to our FHB Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions to learn more about eligible and ineligible checks for Mobile Deposit.

Q: What is the cut-off time to submit deposits?

The cut-off time for submitting checks is 5:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time each Business Day. Checks submitted after 5:00 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time or on weekends or holidays will be processed as if they were submitted on the next Business Day. A Business Day is every calendar day except for Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Q: Is there a limit on the number and total dollar amount of checks that I can deposit via Mobile Deposit?

You can deposit a total amount of $5,000 on any single Business Day or a single deposit. For purposes of these limits, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are considered part of the next Business Day.

Q: When will my mobile deposit be available?

Funds are generally available the first business day after receipt but may be delayed up to 8 business days after receipt under certain circumstances. Please refer to the FHB Home Banking Online Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q: How will I know if there’s a problem with my mobile deposit after I submit it?

If we are not able to process your deposit or need to make a correction, we’ll send an email notice to the email address we have on our files.  You can also view the status of your deposit in the Mobile Deposit section of the app. However, the status information provided by the app is for your convenience only and is subject to change.

Q: What should I do with my paper check?

After depositing your check using Mobile Deposit, securely store your check for at least 60 days after your deposit. This allows sufficient time in case the original check is required for any reason. If we send you a notice that your deposit could not be processed, you may visit any of our branches for further information about how you might be able to deposit the check. If you do not receive such a notice during the 60 day period, please destroy the original check.

Q: Do I need to endorse checks deposited through Mobile Deposit?

Yes, we require proper endorsements on the back of the check.  You must also write “For mobile deposit only, account #______”  in the endorsement section.

Q: How will I recognize my deposit on my account statement?

Upon successful posting to your account, your deposit will be reflected as “DEPOSIT - MOBILE” on your account statement and in FHB Online.

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