Text Banking

Q: Is Text Banking available to International Customers, Guam or Saipan customers?

At this time Text Banking is only available for continental U.S. and Hawaii residents.

Q: What is Text Banking? What can I do through Text Banking?

Text Banking allows you to get account information by sending commands via text messages. With text banking, you can perform the following functions:

  • Request/view account balances
  • Request/view recent account activity
  • Find the nearest branch or ATM location
Q: What number do I use to text banking commands?

Banking requests should be sent via text message to the following number (shortcode): 69403

Q: Can I use Text Banking along with Mobile Web/Mobile Application?

Yes, you can use both options from the same mobile device. You will need to activate the option on your mobile device by logging into your FHB Online account using a desktop PC, clicking on the Mobile tab, logging into the mobile banking center, and following the on-screen instructions to enable the appropriate option.

Q: Is Text Banking supported on my phone?

Text Banking will work on any text message (SMS) capable phone from one of the supported carriers: Alltel, AT&T, Sprint (including Nextel & Hawaiian Telcom), T-Mobile, Mobi PCS, Verizon, US Cellular, and Virgin Mobile.

Q: Will I receive unsolicited text messages from the Mobile Banking system?

No. You will only receive messages when you specifically request them with one of the Text Banking commands.

Q: What commands are available for Text Banking?

The following commands are available. You can also text ā€œCā€ to get a full listing of available commands:

Balance B or BAL Summary of balances for all available accounts
History H or HIST Summary of recent transactions per account, in descending order by date (i.e., most recent transactions first)
Command C or CMD List of available Text Banking commands
Help HE or HELP Help content for Text Banking
Stop S or STOP Cancels Text Banking


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