Investing & Insurance FAQs


    As you near the age of retirement, you may begin to wonder if you will have enough money to retire comfortably and will have the means to maintain your standard of living. The best way to assure this is to prepare ahead with a solid Financial Plan.

    There are three common sources of retirement income that most people count on: Social Security, a company pension plan, and personal savings.

      Whether you intend to invest for long-term financial independence, retirement, your children’s college education or to build a nest egg for unexpected emergencies, our experienced professionals can assist you in developing investment strategies that help you work toward your personal and financial goals.

      Our team of investment professionals, insurance specialists, private bankers, trust officers and wealth advisors combine their extensive knowledge and resources to create a portfolio that reflects your specific objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. It’s a process that includes thoughtful and objective manager selection, rigorous oversight and regular review and evaluation of results with our clients.

      First Hawaiian Bank offers strategies to help you make investment decisions in:

      • Investments
      • Insurance
      • Business Planning
      • Education Planning
      • Retirement plans for:
        • Individuals
        • Self-employed individuals
        • Businesses
      • Estate Planning

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