Bill Pay

Online and Mobile Banking with Bill Pay from First Hawaiian Bank helps make paying bills a breeze.

Pay bills in one place

With FHB Online® & Mobile Banking[[#1]], you can pay all of your bills in one safe and convenient place. Plus, Online Bill Pay saves you the hassle of writing checks or visiting multiple websites to pay your bills.

(see Terms and Conditions for any fees that may apply[[#2]])

Getting started

Setting up Bill Pay[[#2]] is easy. First, add the company or person you want to pay into Bill Pay. Then tell us how much and when you want the payment made. We send your payment electronically when possible. If the payee can’t accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.


Receive your bills electronically, delivered directly to your bill pay account. A blue “Get eBills” icon will appear for any payee that offers eBills. (Must be set up in FHB Online)
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Add & Pay a Bill:
Add a biller's contact information, enter the account number and payment amount for your bill, select the payment date, and send your payment.
Schedule Payments:
Schedule one-time or recurring payments, up to 365 days in advance.
Setup Automatic Payments:
AutoPay, also known as recurring payments, can be set up to automatically pay bills that have a fixed amount and the same due date every month.
Expedited Payments:
Avoid late fees with expedited same-day electronic payments or rush-delivery paper checks available for select payees.
Setup Alerts & Reminders:
Receive an email reminder when a bill is due, if an invoice hasn't been paid by the due date, and when a payment has been sent. (Must be set up in FHB Online)

Helpful information

  • Payment Processing Time: Electronic payments process in approximately 2 Business Days. Paper checks process in 4-5 Business Days. Overnight paper checks must be submitted by 10 am HST.
  • Paying FHB Credit & Loan Accounts: We recommend using the "Make an FHB Payment" option for faster processing of your payment to FHB credit card, mortgage, and loan accounts. Or use the External Transfer option if you would prefer to pay using a non-FHB account.

Bill Pay how-to videos

Learn how to quickly pay all your bills with Online Bill Pay.

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Pay Bills

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Add a Company

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Pay a Bill

Ready to get started?

Enrolling in online banking is easy and takes just a few minutes.


    For personal customers, Online Bill Pay is free for Priority Banking, Secure Checking, Complete Checking and Pure Checking (with $500 in direct deposits per calendar month). It is $5.99 per month for all other personal customers. 
    Online Bill Pay is included with FHB Online Business Banking, which is free for Business Priority Banking customers and only $5.99 per month for other business customers.
    Additional fees may apply for expedited payments. Fees incurred for an expedited payment will be drawn from the account you are sending the payment from. Fees for expedited payments are displayed in the Payment Center.

      To help you schedule enough lead time for your payment to reach your payee, the date selector will display the earliest delivery date available for standard and expedited (if available) payments. Three to seven Business Days of lead time is recommended for standard payments, depending on the payment method. A Business Day is every calendar day except for Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.
      For payees located in U.S. territories such as Guam or CNMI, please allow additional lead time for local mail service delays.
      For Guam and CNMI residents, please note that the Payment Calendar reflects Continental U.S. dates and times when scheduling your payment delivery date.

        We offer a Payment Guarantee so you can be assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. When your payments are processed through FHB Online Bill Pay, you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays.
        The Payment Guarantee applies when all the payment and contact info provided is accurate. The Online Bill Pay Service will bear responsibility for any late payment related charges up to $50.00 should a payment post after its Due Date. S
        ee FHB Online Terms and Conditions for more information about our Payment Guarantee.


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        View Terms and Conditions

        1. You must be enrolled in FHB Online and have a mobile device with Internet to use FHB Mobile Banking.
        2. Personal customers enrolling for Online Bill Pay may incur additional fees. To unenroll from the Bill Pay service, personal customers can login to FHB Online and go to Settings then "Unenroll from Bill Pay". FHB Online Business Banking is required for business customers to use Online Bill Pay. See Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details.
        3. Some restrictions apply; see Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details.