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Your trust, investment management, and insurance account information is available to you online through our easy, convenient, and secure FHB Online service. Through FHB Online, you can see a list of your wealth management accounts on your Home and Account Summary pages. Then, if you are an individual (not a business/organization) customer, you can click on your individual trust or investment accounts for your account's financial details, holdings, performance reports, and custody statements (containing complete transactional detail).

For a consolidated view of your trust, investment management, and insurance accounts alongside your bank deposits and loans, simply login to FHB Online.

Login to FHB Online

If you are not currently signed up for FHB Online and would like access to your trust, investment, or insurance account information or reports online, please enroll in FHB Online by clicking here.

If you need assistance signing up for the service, or would like to discuss what options may be available for you to view your wealth management account information, please contact your First Hawaiian Bank Account/Investment Officer or call (808) 525-7027.

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