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Online Banking Features:

Monitor account balances and activity

  • Use Secure Messaging to provide a Travel Notice, Change of Address request, along with many other types of inquiries.
  • Get banking alerts2 to your email or mobile phone
  • Receive, view and print statements electronically with eStatements
  • Monitor investments, manage your budget and track spending in your accounts, even at other financial institutions, with the Personal Finance Manager3
  • Added security authentication via Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA), otherwise known as phone verification
  • Manage and connect your accounts with Quicken® or QuickBooks®1

Online Transfers & Payments:

Schedule one-time and recurring transfers & payments

  • Transfer funds4 between your FHB accounts or your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Manage and pay bills with Online Bill Payment1 and eBills
  • Use Popmoney1 to send money to family and friends with just an email address, phone number or bank account number


  • Login Help - Password: Use “Forgot Your Password” to reset your password if you are having difficulty logging in. Too many failed login attempts will lock you out of your online banking account.

  • Login Help - Security Code:  Add multiple phone numbers that can be used to receive out-of-band authentication (phone verification) security codes when logging in to FHB Online.

  • Travel Tips: Download the FHB Mobile app5 before you go and submit a Travel Notice via Secure Message in FHB Online by clicking the envelope icon.

  • Change of Address: Send a Secure Message in FHB Online by clicking the envelope icon to request a change of address and include each bank account that should be updated.

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Account Details
Account Details
Message Center
Message Center
Phone Verification
Phone Verification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking FAQs: Accounts | Alerts | Bill Pay | Browsers & Security | CheckImage | Contact Info | eStatements | External Transfers | Transfers | Quicken & Quickbooks | Personal Finance Manager | Trust & Investment Accounts

  • What if I’m traveling and need to access my accounts?

    If you are traveling and attempt to access FHB Online via a Web browser, you will likely be challenged with phone verification. If you are traveling internationally or if your registered device is a landline, you may not have access to the device to obtain your one-time passcode. There are several options that will allow you to access your accounts.

    1. Use the FHB Mobile app from your mobile device1. The mobile app will challenge you with your Security Questions. FHB Mobile offers many of the same features as FHB Online with the additional benefit of Mobile Deposit2 and convenient features such as Instant Balance and Touch ID3.

    2. Use our Mobile Web app from a PC or mobile device Web browser. The mobile Web app will allow you to view your balances, make transfers between FHB accounts and schedule Bill Payments4.

    3. If neither of these options will work for you, please contact us by phone at 643-4343 (1-888-643-4343 from the Continental U.S., Guam, and CNMI).

    1 Device must meet the minimum system requirements to ensure proper functionality. Please visit our mobile banking page for details.
    2 Mobile deposit requires a rear-facing camera with autofocus.
    3 Touch ID is available for support iPhone devices.

  • What is Out-of-Band Authentication?

    Out-of-Band Authentication (OOBA), otherwise known as phone verification, is a secondary method we use to verify your identity when we detect unusual login behavior such as a new IP address or geo-location. During enrollment, you will add a phone number to your security profile. When we detect an irregular login, our system asks to send a one-time passcode to a phone number on your security profile via voice call or SMS, which you will need to enter back into the site.

  • How do I change my out-of-band authentication delivery preferences or security questions?

    Once logged into FHB Online, you may change your Out-of-Band Authentication delivery preferences and Security Questions by going to the “Settings” link in the upper right corner of FHB Online after you have logged in.

  • What is the difference between the current balance and the available balance for my deposit accounts?

    The current balance is the total amount of funds in your account. The available balance is your current balance less any outstanding holds or debits that have not yet posted to your account.

  • What are the system requirements to use FHB Online?

    FHB Online works best with the following browser versions:

    Windows 8.1 and 10

    Internet Explorer 11
    Chrome (Current Stable Version)
    Firefox (Current Stable Version)

    Windows 7
    Internet Explorer 11
    Chrome (Current Stable Version)
    Firefox (Current Stable Version)

    Mac OS X 10.13
    Safari 11.X - Current Stable Version
    Chrome (Current Stable Version)

    Mac OS X 10.12
    Safari 10.X - Current Stable Version
    Chrome (Current Stable Version)

    Mac OS X 10.11
    Safari 9.X - Current Stable Version
    Chrome (Current Stable Version)

View our Terms and Conditions for more information

1 Online Bill Payment, including Popmoney, is free for Complete Checking, Secure Checking and Priority Banking Level 1, 2, and 3 customers, and $5.99 per month for all other personal customers. For business customers, the service is free for Priority Level 3 customers and $15.99 per month for other business customers. New customers to the Bill Pay service receive a 2 month free trial. To unenroll from the Bill Pay service, login to your FHB Online account and send a secured message to request Bill Pay be removed. Direct Connect to Quicken or Quickbooks is $9.95/month for personal customers including the Bill Pay service. For business customers, Direct Connect is $19.95/month or $29.95/month for Direct Connect with Bill Pay and Popmoney (includes online banking). See Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details.

2 Standard SMS/Text Message fees may apply.

3 To view accounts from another financial institution, you must have online access set up at that institution.

4 Restrictions may apply. You can only transfer money between your own bank accounts at FHB or other financial institutions

5 You must be enrolled in FHB Online and have a mobile device with Internet to use FHB Mobile Banking.