FAQ - CheckImage℠

Q: What is CheckImage?

CheckImage allows you to view and print images of the front and back of checks that have cleared your Checking account. Online check images through FHB Online are usually available within one business day after the checks have cleared your account.

Q: Who can view check images and how much does CheckImage cost?

CheckImage is available to all customers enrolled in the FHB Online service. There is no additional cost to enrolled online banking customers to view online check images.

Q: How do I sign up for the CheckImage service?

When you enroll in FHB Online, you will automatically have the ability to view images of checks online.

Q: How long will check images be available on the service?

Check images are available through FHB Online for up to 16 months after the date the check cleared your account. Images for other checks can be requested by sending us a message through the Alerts/Messages function of FHB Online.

Q: How do I view images of my cleared checks? Do I need any special software?

Images of cleared checks are available in the Account Details section by clicking on the check number of the check you wish to view. You then have the option to view or print both sides of the check. Special software is not necessary to view check images online. However, we do recommend that you disable any pop-up blocking software enabled on your web browser.

Q: Can I see check images for online bill payments?

Online check images are available only for online bill payments that were sent by check. To view online check images, go to the Payment History tab in the Payments section and click on the check number of the check you wish to view. Images are not available for payments that were sent electronically; however, if you click on the check number for an electronic payment, you will be prompted to send the bank a message if you want additional information or assistance.

Q: Will this affect check copies I currently receive in my statements?

No. Online check images are provided as an additional service to assist you with your banking needs. This will not change the way you currently receive your statements.

Q: What does an online CheckImage look like?

Sample of check image front
Sample of CheckImage Front

Sample of check image back
Sample of CheckImage Back


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