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Accessing eStatements

Posted on Aug 13, 2023

Currently eStatements are only available in FHB Online Banking.


  1. Login to FHB Online Banking
  2. Go to "Statements" then select "View Statements" from the main navigation
  3. Select the account, date, and document type for the statement you want to view
  4. Select "Download document" or "View and print document".
    Download document: download the file directly to your device
    View and print document: view the document in your browser



  1. Go to "Statements" then select "Delivery Preferences" from the main navigation
  2. Choose from Electronic Statements, Paper Statements or Electronic & Paper Statements for each of your eligible accounts
    NOTE: If you choose to receive both electronic & print statements for your checking, savings or money marketing accounts a fee of $5/month will be imposed per account.

For more information about eStatements, visit

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