FAQ - eStatements℠

Q: When can I sign up for eStatements?

You can register for eStatements through FHB Online once you've received your first paper statement.

Q: What are eStatements?

eStatements is a FREE service available to FHB Online users that allow you to access eligible account statements online. eStatements offer the following benefits:

  • Speed: Faster delivery of statements – no need to wait for the mail.
  • Security: Secure electronic delivery – no paper statements in your mailbox where they can be stolen.
  • Convenience: Up to 12 months of historical statements are available online for easy download, storage and archiving
Q: How do I sign up for eStatements?

eStatements are only available to customers through FHB Online. If you are not currently enrolled in FHB Online, visit FHB.com and click on the “Enroll” link under the login field. If you are already enrolled in FHB Online, sign onto FHB Online, click an account to view details, select the ”Online Statements” link and complete the brief sign-up process:

  • Step 1 Email Confirmation – Confirm your email address on file.
  • Step 2 Electronic Disclosures – Accept the "Consent to Receive Electronic Disclosures".
  • Step 3 eStatement Agreement – Accept the FHB Online eStatement amendment.
  • Step 4 Confirmation of eStatement Access – Review the sample statement and enter the code provided to confirm you can properly view eStatements.
  • Step 5 Statement Delivery Preferences – Select your delivery preference for each eligible account.
Q: What account statements are eligible for eStatements?

eStatements are available for the following account types: checking (including Yes-Check if applicable), money market checking, Priority, Combined Statement, Savings (non-IRA), and credit cards.

Q: Why don't I see my account statement?

Statements are generally available for viewing 48 hours after the statement cut-off date (please allow additional time for weekends and holidays). If it's within 48 hours from the statement cut-off date, please contact customer service at 888-844-4444 for assistance. Or, if you have a combined statement, like with the paper statement, all combined account information will show up on a single statement listed under the primary account number (not under each individual account number).

Please note that for credit cards, you may not have a statement if your balance is zero and there were no transactions during the billing period.

Q: How long will statements be available online?

Up to 12 months of statements will be available online. Paper copies of older statements can be requested by sending us a message through the Messages function with the subject “Statement Copy Request”.

Q: How do I view my eStatements? Do I need any special software?

Select the “Online Statements” link in the Account Details view. In order to view your electronic statement, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF file. We also recommend that you disable any pop-up blocking software enabled on your web browser.

Q: Will I be notified when new statements are available online?

Yes. Each time a new statement is available, you will be sent an email notification to the email address in your Online Banking profile. Should your email address change, please update your information within the "Settings" section of FHB Online. Once updated, click on any eligible account then click "Online Statements" and "Continue" to ensure your email address is updated for your eStatements delivery preferences. If we are unable to successfully deliver your eStatement notification to you, we will send you a letter to let you know that your eStatement is available online and ask you to update your email address. Please note your eStatements will continue to be delivered to you online until you change your account Statement Delivery Preference.

Q: How do I manage my eStatement preferences?

You may disable eStatements by clicking on the ‘Statement Delivery Preferences’ link at the top of the eStatements homepage, and clicking the ‘Statement Delivery Preferences’ link at the top of the window. Select ‘Paper Statement’ for the account(s) for which you wish to disable eStatements. Please note fees may be assessed for receiving both paper and electronic statements.

Q: Will this affect check copies I currently receive in my statements?

You will be automatically enrolled for CheckStorage when you signup for eStatements. Should you disable eStatements and want to resume receiving your returned checks, you may either visit a branch or send a message via the Messages section within FHB Online.

Q: What does an eStatement look like?

eStatements are simply electronic copies of your account statement. eStatements contain the same account information as your paper statement and look virtually the same. eStatements are available in PDF (for printing and saving). Click here to view a sample statement.


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