FAQ - Payments

Q: How does FHB Online Bill Payment work?

To begin, provide some info about the company or person you want to pay, and then tell us how much and when you want the payment made. We send your payment electronically when possible. If the payee can’t accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.

The Payment Center lists the companies and people you can pay.

To begin, enter a payment amount and the date when you want the payment to be delivered. You can enter multiple payments at once, and when you are ready click the Send Money button to schedule your payment.

Q: What is Online Bill Payment?

Online Bill Payment is a feature of FHB Online® that lets you:

  • Pay nearly anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. We send the money electronically whenever we can. If the person or company can’t accept electronic payments, we print a check and mail it for you.
  • Review your payments and bills for the past 24 months in Activity.
  • Receive bills electronically with eBills. Save a trip to the mailbox or another website to view your bills. Some bills can be delivered and viewed within FHB Online Bill Payment. You can view eBills in the Payment Center and pay them with a few simple clicks. Decide how much you want to pay and when you want to send the payment.
  • Make Expedited Payments. Opt for same-day electronic payments or rush-delivery paper checks to select payees for faster payment delivery. Additional fees and restrictions apply; see Terms and Conditions for details. 
  • Set up AutoPay for your eBills. You can set up some eBills to be paid automatically according to options you set. You can change or cancel AutoPay for eBills at any time.
Q: What are expedited payments?

Expedited payments allow you to send money to your payees even faster.

Same-day electronic payments allow you to make same-day electronic payments to applicable payees. If your payee is unable to receive electronic payments, we may be able to send an overnight paper check. The cut off time for overnight paper checks is 4:00 pm ET. Overnight delivery is only available for payees located in the Continental U.S. Additional fees apply; see FHB Online Terms and Conditions for details.

The payment date selector will indicate the earliest date available for delivery to your payee.

Q: What are the Bill Pay Service requirements for browsers?

To access your accounts and pay bills through FHB Online, you must use a browser that supports 128-bit encryption security. Additionally, certain features of FHB Online, e.g., Bill Pay, are best experienced with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, FireFox and Safari.

Q: How much does Online Bill Payment cost for individuals?

For personal customers, Online Bill Payment is free for Secure Checking, Complete Checking, Priority Banking, or Pure Checking (with minimum $500 in direct deposits per calendar month) and only $5.99 per month for other personal customers. For business customers, the service is free for Priority Level 3 customers and only $15.99 per month for other business customers. Customers new to Online Bill Payment will receive a free two month trial.

Additional fees may apply for expedited payments. Fees incurred for an expedited payment will be drawn from your funding account, the account you are sending the payment from. Fees for expedited payments are displayed in the Payment Center.

Q: Is my info secure?

Yes. FHB Online Bill Payment uses several methods to ensure that your info is secure. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox or Safari browser to ensure support for these features.

  • SSL. FHB Online Bill Payment uses SSL (secure sockets layer) which ensures that your connection and info are secure from outside inspection.
  • Encryption. FHB Online Bill Payment uses 128-bit encryption to make your info unreadable as it passes over the Internet.
  • Automatic Sign Out. FHB Online Bill Payment automatically signs you out of a session if you are inactive for a predefined time (usually 10 minutes). This feature helps prevent another person from being able to resume your session if you walk away. For best security, don't use your browser's Back or Refresh buttons, and sign out immediately after your finish your tasks in FHB Online Bill Payment.
Q: Should I use Online Payment to pay my FHB credit accounts?

While you can use Bill Payment to pay your FHB credit and loan accounts (Credit Card, Mortgage, etc..), we recommend using Internal Transfers as an alternative for faster processing of your payment. Internal Transfers are processed as quickly as the next business day whereas Bill Payments can take up to several days in cases when payment is made via paper checks.

Q: What is the Messages link in the Payment Center; how is it different from the FHB Online Message Center?

You may receive Bill Payment notifications via the Payment Center Messages tab; otherwise, please use the FHB Online Message Center for Online Banking Customer Support inquiries.

Q: What is the Payment Guarantee?

With the Payments Guarantee, you can be assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. When your payments are processed through FHB Online Bill Payment, you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays.

The Payments Guarantee applies when all the payment and contact info provided is accurate. The Bill Pay Service will bear responsibility for any late payment related charges up to $50.00 should a payment post after its Due Date. See FHB Online Terms and Conditions for more information about our Payments Guarantee.

Q: What should I do if the company I paid has not received or credited my payment?

Sometimes a payee may not credit your account immediately after they receive a payment. If the payment is not credited after two days, call the payee’s customer service line. If the problem isn’t resolved, you can send us a payment inquiry on payments in Activity. We will contact the payee on your behalf in an attempt to resolve the problem. 

Q: How do I cancel Online Bill Payment?

Log in to FHB Online® and click on the "Messages" envelope icon. Click on the "Compose message" link and select "Bill Payment Inquiry" from the subject line drop down menu. Send us a message to remove Online Bill Payment as part of your FHB Online service.

Q: How long is my payment history available?

Payment history information is available in Activity for 24 months. 

Q: I'm getting an eBill, but I don't have the option to schedule payments based on the bill information. What can I do?

Some companies don't offer the AutoPay scheduling options based on your eBill. However, you can always set up a recurring payment for the same amount at regular intervals. 

Q: Who can I pay?

Use FHB Online Bill Payment to pay companies and people with addresses in the United States or U.S. territories. You cannot use FHB Online Bill Payment to send payments to addresses outside the United States. (Important note for consumer customers: for prompt crediting of a payment to your FHB credit card account, your payment must be mailed to BankCard Center, P.O. Box 29450, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96820-1850.)

You should not use FHB Online Bill Payment to pay the following: Federal, state or local government agencies, tax payments, court-directed payments (such as alimony or child support) or to a security broker, or to casinos or any other type of gambling facility.

Q: What is the lead time? How far in advance should I set up payments?

To help you schedule enough lead time for your payment to reach your payee, the date selector will display the earliest delivery date available for standard and expedited (if available) payments. Two or four Business Days of lead time is recommended for standard payments, depending on the payment method. A Business Day is every calendar day except for Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

For payees located in U.S. territories such as Guam or CNMI, please allow additional lead time for local mail service delays.

For Guam and CNMI residents, please note that the Payment Calendar reflects Continental U.S. dates and times when scheduling your payment delivery date.

Q: What is the difference between the "payment date" and the "send date?"

The "payment date" is your payment due date excluding any grace period. This is the date when your payment is due to arrive to your payee. The "send date" or "process date" is the date we will begin processing the payment to be made to your payee. We calculate the send date based on the payment date you give us and the minimum required lead time for your payee.

Q: I stopped receiving paper bills, and now I want to have them mailed to me again. How do I do that?

You can stop receiving eBills in FHB Online Bill Payment any time after the company processes your request to receive them. Select the company from the Payment Center, open the eBills section, and choose the option to stop eBills.

An entire billing cycle may pass before your paper bills resume. 

Q: How do I know the status of my payment?

Activity and Payment Detail provide a detailed status of your payment. 

Q: What if I have enrolled for eBills at another bank or financial institution?

You will need to cancel your eBills at any other bank or financial institution to enroll for eBills on FHB Online.

Q: How do I clear Reminders?

Your reminder is cleared when you pay, dismiss, or file a bill. When you dismiss a reminder, it's removed from the Reminders list, but it will appear again. To permanently stop reminders, select the company or person on the Payment Center, click Reminders, and stop the reminders. 

Q: When is the payment debited from my account?

If the payment is sent electronically, the money is withdrawn from your account one business day after processing begins. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, we print a check and mail it to the address you provide.

For some checks, the money is withdrawn one business day after processing begins. For others, the money is withdrawn when the company or person deposits or cashes the check. 

Q: What are Payment Reminders?

Payment Alerts are not Payment Reminders. Reminders are useful when you want help remembering to make payments on time, but you aren’t ready to set up AutoPay. Set up and manage reminders from the Payment Center. 

Q: What happens when I stop receiving eBills?

When you discontinue your eBill service, you will start receiving your bills directly from the company again.

Notes About Stopping eBills

  • You may receive one or more eBills after your request before the company stops sending them.
  • It can take an entire billing cycle before your paper bills resume.
  • When you stop receiving eBills, any automatic payments that you set up to pay them are also canceled.

You can still pay your bills using FHB Online Bill Payment, but you won't be able to access your bill online at the Payment Center.

Q: The amount due for an eBill seems incorrect. What should I do?

If you have questions about an eBill, please contact the company directly. All the info on the eBill comes directly from the company who sent it. When you pay the eBill, you can enter an amount that is different from the amount due on the bill. 

Q: Can I pay an eBill some way other than FHB Online Bill Payment?

Yes, you can pay an eBill by some other means, such as by check or directly on the company’s Web site if available.

However, when you pay an eBill outside of FHB Online Bill Payment, the status of the eBill remains Unpaid and it continues to appear in the Reminders section until you dismiss the reminder. To change the status, you can file the eBill and add a note about its resolution. 

Q: What if I do not have sufficient funds on the payment date?

You are responsible for any payment you make through our Online Bill Payment. Insufficient funds may lead to additional fees and suspension or termination of service. If we send a payment on your behalf and you do not have sufficient funds when we attempt to debit your account, the following will occur:

  1. Your payment will still be sent.
  2. Our payment processor will notify you by email of the insufficient funds, giving you 1 day to make additional funds available to your payment account.
  3. On the next day we will attempt to debit your account again. If you still do not have sufficient funds to cover the payment, we will attempt to reverse the payment from your payee.
    • If the payment is reversible, our payment processor will notify you by email that the payment was reversed.
    • If the payment is not reversible, our payment processor will send you a second email to notify you of the insufficient funds. You will have 5 days to resolve the balance directly with our payment processor.
  4. If after 5 days, you have not resolved your balance, we will freeze your Online Bill Payment access and notify you by email. You then have 30 days to resolve your balance directly with our payment processor.
  5. If after 30 days you have not resolved your balance, you will receive a final email notice that your account will go into collections if you do not resolve your balance in 20 days.
  6. If after 20 days, you have not resolved you balance, we will cancel your Online Bill Payment service and submit your account for debt collection and notify you by email.

Based on your previous payment history and your payee’s outstanding payments, we may send a laser draft check to your payee. A laser draft check is a check drawn on your account, similar to a personal check. If you have insufficient funds at the time the check is deposited, the process will be the same as a bounced personal check.

Q: How do I view paid eBills?

Go to Activity. You can view paid eBills when you view the details of your payments. 

Q: How are my bills paid?

We send payments electronically whenever possible. We send electronic payments to thousands of companies across the U.S. every day.

If the payee cannot receive electronic payments, we print a check and mail it to the address you provide.

If you added a memo to your paper check payment, the info is printed on the memo line of the check. 

Q: How do I pay an eBill?

You can receive electronic bills (eBills) in Payment Center of FHB Online Bill Payment. Once you establish eBills for a payee, the eBill will display in your Payment Center when it is delivered by your biller. You can simply click a link to enter the amount due and due date from the bill.

You can also set up AutoPay for eBills and automatically pay the full or a fixed amount each month.

Q: I haven't received my eBill. What should I do?

If your normal billing cycle has passed and you still have not received your eBill, contact the company who bills you. Depending on billing cycles, the exact day you receive your bill each month may vary. Also remember that more than a month may pass before you receive your first eBill from a company. 

Q: Can I schedule recurring payments?

Yes. AutoPay allows you to set up repeating payments in FHB Online Bill Payment. You can set up AutoPay for any company or person you pay regularly.

Quick Facts

  • Set up and manage AutoPay and Reminders from the Payment Center.
  • You can set up payments to be made based on a schedule that you set.
  • You can set up some eBills to be paid automatically according to options you set.
  • You can change or stop AutoPay at any time.
Q: How do I sign up to receive eBills?

When you add a company that offers eBills, you can enter the required information to request eBills, and we send your request to the company. When you complete the request for one company, this will allow you to sign up for eBills from other companies who offer them. To add an eBill for a company you’re already paying, look for the eBill option on the Payment Center. 

Q: What is an eBill?

An eBill is an electronic version of a bill or statement. The eBill typically contains the same info as a paper bill or statement. You can receive, view, and pay eBills in FHB Online Bill Payment. When your eBill arrives, it appears in the Payment Center. You control the date and amount of your payment.

Quick Facts

  • eBills are available from hundreds of companies nationwide.
  • When you add an eBill, we send the information as a request to the company. After your request has been processed, you will receive an eBill in a month or more, depending on your billing cycle.
  • Some companies stop sending paper bills when they start sending eBills. Other companies continue to send paper bills in addition to eBills.
  • When your eBill arrives, it will display in-line with your payee.
  • You can opt to pay the amount due for the billon the due date (default), or you can enter a different amount and date for payment delivery.
  • You can set up AutoPay for some eBills.
  • You can stop receiving eBills in FHB Online Bill Payment any time after the company processes your request.
Q: How do I modify or cancel a scheduled bill payment or a recurring payment?

You may cancel or edit any Scheduled Payment (including recurring payments) by following the directions within the application. Once the Service has begun processing a payment it cannot be cancelled or edited, and a stop payment request must be submitted. See “Can I request a stop payment on a payment that has already been sent?”

Q: How do I know if a payment was delivered?

You can see the status of your payments in Activity. Payments start in a Pending status until processing begins. 

Q: What happens if the address changes for an AutoPay payment?

You must cancel and reschedule a AutoPay payment when you update the address for the payee. If you don't cancel and reschedule the payment, the payment will continue to go to the address that was on file for the payee at the time the AutoPay payment was originally set up.

Q: Can I request a stop payment on a payment that has already been sent?

If you want to stop any payment that has already begun processing, you must contact our Online Banking Customer Service. Although FHB will make every effort to accommodate your request, FHB will have no liability for failing do so. The success of the stop payment request will depend on the status of the payment at the time of the request. You may also be required to present your request in writing within fourteen (14) days. A stop payment request may incur additional fees. See FHB Online Terms and Conditions for details.

Q: How do I change or cancel the next scheduled automatic payment?

If you want to change only the next occurrence of an automatic payment, locate the payment in the Pending Payments section of Payment Center. Select the payment, and then click Change or Cancel. 

Q: Who is Fiserv, and why did I get an email notice from them?

Fiserv is our online payment processor. You may receive communications from Fiserv if there are issues with payments from your account. 

Q: What happens if the scheduled delivery date falls on a weekend or holiday?

If an automatic payment is scheduled for delivery on a non-business day such as a weekend or holiday, the date is adjusted to the preceding business day.

The Pending Payments section in Payment Center will show the adjusted delivery date. You can change the date as needed. 

Q: How do I modify or delete a company or person in my payee list?

Go to the Payee List on the Payment Center and select the Payee name you wish to modify or delete.

Q: Why do I have to enter my account number when setting up my payee?

Your account number is the most reliable way to ensure that the company can credit your payments properly. If your account info is not correct, your payment may be credited late or not at all. Late fees, finance charges, or service disconnections may result. The Service Guarantee applies to payments only if all the info you provided is accurate.

Sometimes companies use repeated characters (such as ***, ###, or xxx) to hide part of your account number on statements or bills. Be sure to enter your full account number instead of the characters used to hide your account number. We need the full account number to ensure that your payment is credited properly. 

Some small companies, such as landscaping or cleaning services for example, may not assign you an account number. If you don't have an account number, you can enter other info that identifies you to the company you are paying. For example, you can use your service address or the name on the account. 

Q: Why don't I have to enter the address or other info for some companies?

We maintain relationships with thousands of companies, and manage their contact info for you. We don’t have to ask you for the contact info for these companies because we already have it. If the address changes, these companies contact us directly. 

Q: How and when will I be billed for Online Bill Payment?

If you are a new FHB Online customer and elect to enroll in Online Payment, you will get the first two months free. After the first two months, the checking account you indicated at the time of enrollment will be automatically charged for the monthly service fee for as long as you maintain the Online Payment service.

Q: Do I have to pay for Online Bill Payment even if I don't use it?

Yes. After the free trial period, Online Payment customers will be assessed the monthly service fee as long as they are signed up for that service. The fee will not be waived during months of inactivity.

Q: Which of my First Hawaiian accounts can I use to pay my bills?

You may use any First Hawaiian Bank checking account, excluding Money Market Checking.

Q: How do I add Online Bill Payment to my FHB Online account?

Log in to FHB Online® and go to the "Pay Bills" tab to enroll. If you are using FHB Mobile, log in to the FHB Mobile app and click on the "Payments" button at the bottom of your screen.

Q: What are "pending payments?"

Pending payments are payments you have scheduled through the Online Payment service, which have not yet been processed and sent to the payee.

Q: What is the cut-off time to submit a bill payment?

The cut off time for standard payments may be as late as 10:00 pm ET depending on your payee’s arrangement with our processor.

For expedited payments, the cut off time for same-day electronic payments is 10 PM ET and the cut off time for overnight paper checks is 4 pm ET.

Cut off times may vary based upon your payees processing capabilities.

Q: What is the cut-off time to change or delete upcoming payments?

The cut off time for standard payments may be as late as 10:00 pm ET depending on your payee’s arrangement with our processor, however we may begin processing your payment prior to the cut off time. Please review the payment status to determine if a payment can be modified or canceled. In process payments cannot be canceled in the Payment Center.

For expedited payments, the cut off time for same-day electronic payments is 10 PM ET and the cut off time for overnight paper checks is 4 pm ET. Once scheduled, expedited payments will begin processing immediately.

Q: What is the "confirmation number" on the Upcoming Payments and Payment History screens?

The confirmation number is a record of your transaction request. It is useful to identify a transaction with this number when making inquiries on a specific bill payment or funds transfer.

Q: What is the maximum amount a payment can be?

The maximum amount of any one payment is $99,999.99.

Q: How many payments can I schedule in a single month?

You can schedule as many payments as you need. The Online Payment monthly service fee is a flat fee. There is no per-transaction fee for payments.

Q: What is the advantage of using Online Payment rather than automatic deduction for recurring bills?

Online Payment provides customers with the same convenience as automatic deduction from your checking account by allowing you to set up and maintain automatic recurring payments. The advantage of using Online Payment over automatic deduction is that you have more flexibility and control over how much you want to pay and when you want the payment to be made.

Q: How many payees can I list?

An unlimited number of individuals and businesses can be set up as payees.

Q: How far in advance can I schedule a payment?

You can schedule a payment up to one year in advance.

Q: Will my overdraft protection work with this service?

Yes, up to your overdraft protection limit.


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