FAQ - Quicken & QuickBooks

Q: How much does FHB Online® accessed through Direct Connect for Quicken or QuickBooks cost?

The fee for consumers for accessing FHB Online through Quicken or Quickbooks is $9.95 per month that the service is enabled. The fee for businesses accessing Quicken or Quickbooks through FHB Online Business Banking is $14.95 per month that the service is enabled (inclusive of the FHB Online Business Banking service fee).

Q: Should I access my account through FHB Online or through Quicken/QuickBooks?

For most people, FHB Online provides easy access to your First Hawaiian accounts. Customers who want financial management capabilities may find Quicken and QuickBooks to be more useful and worth the extra cost.

Q: How current is the information I download through Quicken and QuickBooks?

Balance and transaction information downloaded through Quicken and QuickBooks is current as of the previous business day. Current balance and transaction information are available on FHB Online. 

Q: Can I export my transaction information into Quicken or QuickBooks using FHB Online?

Yes. You can export your transaction information directly from FHB Online into Quicken or QuickBooks. See below for instructions.

For Quicken users:
Click on the "Download" link under the Accounts tab and select an account, from/to dates, and "Intuit Quicken (.QFX)" from the drop-down box.

For users of QuickBooks 2005 or later:
Click on the "Download" link under the Accounts tab and select an account, from/to dates, and "QuickBooks (.QBO)" from the drop-down box.

Q: How do I set up access to FHB Online through my Quicken or QuickBooks software?

You must first enroll in FHB Online. Once enrolled, instructions on how to access FHB Online through Quicken or QuickBooks can be located here.

Q: What software version do I need to access the service?

Please refer to our Quicken and QuickBooks support page for a current list of supported versions.


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