FAQ - Transfers

Q: How do funds transfers work?

You can schedule single, future dated or recurring transfers to and from your First Hawaiian checking, savings, money market, credit card and line of credit accounts.

Funds transfers into loan accounts (including credit cards and mortgages) are credited as payments. (Important note for consumer customers: for prompt crediting of a payment to your FHB credit card account, your payment must be mailed to BankCard Center, P.O. Box 29450, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96820-1850.)

Each transfer made from a credit card or line of credit account is treated as an advance from that account and is subject to the terms of the applicable Credit Agreement. You cannot transfer funds from a mortgage or installment loan, or from or into a certificate of deposit, IRA or Christmas Club account. Transfers directly from your overdraft protection account are prohibited; funds are only advanced from overdrafts on your linked checking account.

Q: When are funds transfers processed?

Funds transfers requested for the current day will be processed immediately if scheduled before the cut-off time.  Funds transfers requested for a future date (up to one year in advance) will be processed on the morning of the requested date (or next Business day if the request date falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday). 

Q: What are recurring transfers?

Recurring transfers are transfers between accounts that are for the same amount or between the same accounts at specified intervals, e.g., weekly, every 2 weeks, quarterly, etc. For example, if wish to transfer $500 from a checking account to a savings account on the 3rd day of each month, you can set up an automatic recurring transfer to be made on the 3rd day of each month for as long as you wish, up to 999 times. Recurring transfers eliminate the need manually schedule identical repeating transactions.

Q: What are future-dated transfers?

Future-dated transfers are single transfers that can be scheduled up to one year in advance.

Q: What is the maximum funds transfer I can make between my accounts?

The maximum amount that can be transferred is either the current available deposit or credit balance in your account (plus any available credit in an associated Yes-Check line of credit) or $99,999.99, whichever is less. 


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