General FAQs


    We have standard overdraft services that come with our checking accounts. We also offer overdraft protection plans, such as a link to a savings account or Yes-Check®, which is a line of credit that you can apply for to help cover overdrafts.

      At the Bank’s discretion, we may authorize and pay overdrafts on certain types of transactions including checks, automatic bill payments, recurring debit card transactions and other types of overdrafts using your checking account number. A fee generally applies whether the overdraft item is paid or returned.

        Your Current Balance is your balance at the start of the day, plus or minus the transactions for that day. Your Available Balance is your Current Balance minus holds on your funds. Holds include deposits with a hold on the amount and debit card holds for pending purchases or payments using your debit card. Please note that for certain types of debit card transactions, some merchants obtain authorizations for a partial amount (such as gas stations) while others may be for a greater amount (such as restaurants) of the purchase. Therefore, the hold amounts may not always equal the transaction amount.

        You can spend up to the amount of your Available Balance after accounting for pending or outstanding transactions without incurring an overdraft or non-sufficient funds transaction.

          The order in which we process transactions can affect the total amount of fees charged when an account is overdrawn. Transactions are processed and posted together at the end of each business day. We post all credits (such as deposits) before debits (payments from the account). For debits, guaranteed items (e.g., wire transfers, cashed checks, ATM withdrawals or everyday debit card transactions) are posted before those that are not (e.g., checks or ACH transactions). Within each group of transactions, we generally process from the lowest to highest dollar amount. In the case of checks or other items with a serial number, we process by check or serial number from low to high.

          Note: Holds may be placed on your account (e.g., for deposits or debit card transactions) that will reduce your Available Balance and may cause your account to become overdrawn.

            Consumers that have a personal checking and a personal Regular Savings or Priority Savings, may link their checking to a savings account for the purpose of automatic overdraft protection. Like Yes-Check®, if an overdraft occurs, it will trigger an automatic transfer from the linked savings to cover the overdraft.  An Overdraft Transfer Fee may apply for each automatic transfer from savings to cover an overdraft.

              Personal Regular Savings accounts and Priority Savings are eligible. YesSavings, Christmas Club and IRA Savings accounts are not eligible. Custodial savings accounts (HUTMA, UGMA, etc.) are also not eligible.

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