General FAQs


    Yes, we buy and sell all the major foreign currencies and some exotics. When purchasing currency, please allow about two business days for currency to be delivered to the branch, if the currency is available.

      In most cases, foreign currency transfers settle on the value date. The market convention is two business days from the date you send the wire.

        • Save money.
          Sending wires in the foreign currency could save you money. This is because many vendors will build a spread in the price to protect them from foreign currency rate fluctuations. If you have the option of getting billed in USD or in foreign currency, you may be able to save money by paying in the foreign currency.
        • Possible competitive advantage.
          You may be able to negotiate a better price with your foreign counterpart if you allow them to avoid the risks of currency rate fluctuations and the cost of foreign exchange.
        • Save time.
          Wires sent in foreign currency are usually subject to less delay than US denominated wires sent through intermediary banks. When you send a wire in foreign currency directly to the beneficiary, the recipient will usually receive immediate credit.
        • Reduce risk.
          On the day you purchase the wire, you lock in the exchange rate. This means you know the exact cost in USD.

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