Send money to almost anyone with just their mobile number, email address, or bank account number


If you like Popmoney, you are going to love Zelle®. It’s a fast and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and others you know and trust[[#1]]. Best of all, money arrives typically within minutes between enrolled users[[#2]]. Popmoney will no longer be available as of August 10, 2023 at 12pm HST. Starting August 14, 2023, you'll be able to enroll for Zelle® in FHB Online® & Mobile Banking!

Pay anyone 

There’s no need to scramble for your checkbook or run to the ATM when you have to pay someone. All you need is their mobile number, email address, or bank account number. With Popmoney enabled in your FHB Online & Mobile Banking, you can quickly and securely send money to friends, family, contractors, your landlord — practically anyone in the U.S.

Popmoney features

Available with FHB Online and Mobile Banking

Popmoney is included with Online Bill Pay[[#3]] and can be enabled on your FHB Online account or FHB Mobile Banking app[[#4]].

Additional features for FHB Online
  • Manage payment profile preferences
  • Receive Payment Center messages
  • Easily access our Help Center
Additional features for FHB Mobile Banking[[#4]]
  • View, add, and delete contacts
  • View profile preferences

Limits and processing times

  • Popmoney Standard[[#3]]
    Up to $1,000 per day/in-flight and up to $4,000 in a rolling 30-day period. Popmoney payments will be processed in approximately three business days once the recipient accepts payment.
  • Popmoney Next Day[[#3]] 
    Up to $100 per day/in-flight and up to $400 in a rolling 30-day period. Popmoney payments will be processed the next business day once the recipient accepts payment.

Popmoney how-to videos

Learn how to set up and use Popmoney in FHB Online.

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Pay People

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How to use Popmoney

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Online Preferences


    Popmoney is included with the Online Bill Pay service. For personal customers, Online Bill Pay (including Popmoney) is free for Priority Banking, Complete Checking and Pure Checking (with $500 in direct deposits per calendar month) and $5.99 per month for all other personal customers. Personal customers new to Online Bill Pay will receive a free two-month trial. Any applicable fees will start to be assessed after the free trial period. You may unenroll at any time by logging into your FHB Online account and sending us a secured message.
    Online Bill Pay is included with FHB Online Business Banking, which is free for Business Priority Banking customers and only $5.99 per month for other business customers.

    Additional fees may apply for expedited payments. Fees incurred for an expedited payment will be drawn from the account you are sending the payment from. Fees for expedited payments are displayed prior to processing your payment.

    See Terms & Conditions of FHB Online Services for additional details about fees and fee waivers.

      Popmoney is available to customers registered for FHB Online and can be accessed by selecting the “Pay People” link the navigation. If you are not an Online Bill Pay subscriber, you will be prompted to accept the Online Bill Pay Terms & Conditions (fees may apply, see Terms & Conditions).

      Your email address and mobile phone number are required as part of the sign-up process. You will need to verify the email address we have on file is correct. If it is incorrect, please close the window and click “Update Email Address” under the “Settings” link to update your email address. After confirming your email address, return to the “Popmoney” tab on the Payment Center and you will also be asked to provide a mobile phone number as part of the sign-up process.

        Sending money to people with Popmoney is easy and can be done through FHB Online or FHB Mobile Banking.
        To Send money

        • From FHB Online: Go to "Pay People," then click on the "Send Money" tab
        • From FHB Mobile: Go to “Transfer & Pay” then “Popmoney,” and click “Send Money”
        • Select recipient
        • Add payment amount
        • Add a message to the recipient
        • Select the preferred payment date and checking account to pay from
        • Review payment details and confirm payment

        To Receive money

        • From FHB Online: Go to "Pay People" then click on "Preferences"
        • Verify your phone numbers or email address
        • Confirm if you would like to enable/disable auto deposits into your checking account

        Auto deposits–enabled

        • Money you receive will be automatically deposited into your checking account
        • You can view the deposit by going to Popmoney then selecting “Payment Activity”

        Auto deposits–disabled

        • From FHB Online: Go to “Pay People” and click the “Overview” tab
        • From FHB Mobile: Go to “Transfer & Pay” then “Popmoney” and click “To Do”

          You can send money to nearly anyone with an email address or U.S. mobile phone number. The person receiving the notification will be able to deposit the money to any personal checking, savings, money market checking, or money market savings account at FHB or nearly any U.S. bank. You can also send money directly to someone else’s U.S. bank account if you have their bank routing and account number information.
          When sending to recipients in Guam or Saipan, we recommend providing an email address or bank account number

            The transaction debit request is initiated on the "send date" but will not post against your account for one to two Business Days.


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            View Terms and Conditions

            1. Must have a U.S bank account to use Zelle®.
            2. Transactions typically occur in minutes when the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number is already enrolled with Zelle®.
            3. Personal customers enrolling for Online Bill Pay (including Popmoney) must be 18 years or older and may incur additional fees. FHB Online Business Banking includes Bill Pay and Popmoney. Business Online Basic users that enroll in Bill Pay will be automatically upgraded to Business Online Banking. See Terms and Conditions of FHB Online Services for details.
            4. You must be enrolled in FHB Online and have a mobile device with Internet to use FHB Mobile Banking.