Personal Checking Accounts

Personal Checking Accounts

At First Hawaiian Bank, you can choose from a variety of personal checking accounts, each offering convenience services that can help you manage your money more easily and more conveniently. And because First Hawaiian is Hawaii's oldest bank and one of the nation's safest, you can be confident your money is secure.

How To Apply
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Secure Checking

Available in branch and through our online channel, FHB DirectSM, Secure Checking is ideal if you're value-oriented and want an account that provides a range of benefits from identity theft protection to free online bill payment1!  Enjoy great deals from this checking account that features protection and savings rolled into one.

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1 FHB Online access through Quicken® or QuickBooks® is $9.95/month.

Totally Free Checking

Available in branch and through our online channel, FHB DirectSM, Totally Free Checking is ideal if you are looking for an account with no monthly service charge and no minimum balance requirement. Free yourself from complicated accounts and start enjoying the simplicity of Totally Free Checking.

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Plans and Programs

First Hawaiian Bank offers a variety of plans and programs to suit your needs.  Whether you're 50 years or better and hoping to get the best value from the money you've earned, or you're in the military and want a package of benefits designed specifically for those who have served, we have a banking solution for you.

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Online Banking

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